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Compeffi was founded by three key individuals, brothers Mark and Nick Bertolina and Joseph Reganato. These three contributors have been collaborating on technology projects since the time of alarming bedroom doors to deter siblings and deploying neighborhood wireless networks to be home on time for dinner.

Mark Bertolina - mark@compeffi.com

Combining a 15 year career in the IT industry with the insight and exacting persistence of an engineer Mark is the leader of Compeffi.

A diverse IT experience led to the brainstorming in 2008 for a new discipline in computer engineering focused on the business metrics of computing efficiency (in contrast to the classic Big-O notation and other logically valid yet practically abstract metrics).

With a passion for computers built in since childhood, Mark started professional life configuring and fixing PCs. As the IT industry took hold of every work desk through PCs and LANs in the 1990s Mark directly contributed to wiring up America's office spaces and configuring simple networks. Mark has been involved with a number of small business IT departments from planning and design to hands on projects dealing with security responses, automated desktop deployments, redundant server configuration, routed network design, web application servers, Internet technologies, and virtualization.

From 2005 to the present at Adaptive Wireless Solutions, Mark has engaged in the development, production, and deployment of battery powered industrial wireless instrumentation and solutions for the chemical and energy industries. As that technology platform has proliferated and commoditized (Schneider with Accutech and Honeywell with XYR 5000 product lines) Mark now leads the engineering effort in creating high value customized solutions within this domain.

Internships were completed both at a local instrumentation company as well as Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific (SPAWAR). During this time Mark contributed to advancements in underwater acoustic MIMO communications systems as well as gained perspective in industrial electronics and manufacturing engineering.

Mark holds a BS in electrical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic University and has further completed numerous graduate level courses. While at WPI he was involved in research on the design, construction, and signal process techniques of electro-physiological sensor arrays and contributed to peer reviewed publication.


Joe Reganato - joe@compeffi.com

Joe is responsible for Compeffi’s business development and marketing. In 2008, Mark and Nick invited Joe to develop a business feasibility study for a remote desktop service provider using efficiency-enhancing technologies such as virtualization as part of his graduate studies. Compeffi is an outgrowth of that feasibility study, which resulted in the realization that there is a lack of available technologies to efficiently deploy such services.

Since 2009 Joe has served as a corporate communications manager at a US subsidiary of a major Japanese trading company. Joe holds an MBA and an MA in Pastoral Ministry from Boston College.

Previously, Joe was one of two inaugural Yoshiyama Business Society Fellows for The Hitachi Foundation, where he helped identify strategic partners for the foundation. Joe also has four years experience managing community service programs at an inner city high school in Lawrence, MA.


Nick Bertolina - nick@compeffi.com

Nicholas is a technologist with 10 years experience in the fields of information technology specializing in infrastructure design and implementation. He has a passion for elegant solutions for complex problems, especially those integrating the real (physical) world with high technology. His experience includes solutions for manufacturing firms, an electronics OEM, a wireless instrumentation firm, and an energy efficiency firm. He has studied technology and business at both Rochester Institute of Technology and Ramapo College of New Jersey.


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