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What is Compeffi?


The image above is a Wordle, a graphic of the word frequency in a document compiled from a cross-section of industry news in 2011. As you can see everyone is talking about "cloud computing", perhaps because nobody knows what it is. You can read Compeffi's take on that topic here, but the graphic illustrates the broader issue at hand. IT has become a can't live with it, can't live without it function for many business. Small to medium businesses particularly feel this pain unless they happen to be in the IT business themselves. All this is is supposed to be answered by the slew of IT "consulting" companies. Everything from one man bands to large multinational corporation are available to offer IT services, and yet it always seems more like an endless blackhole sucking down resource and shedding no light. The graphic above also shows that IT is an acronym laden subject with tremendous intricacy that is daunting to make business sense of.

Compeffi was formed on the premise that an absolute separation between IT (vendors, suppliers, resellers, service providers, in-house employees) and actual technical consultants is required. By creating this separation there are no mixed motivations. The consultant is free to recommend the best solution, and methods or resources to get there. There is no bias to using the hardware you have the best profit-margin on or to distort the job to fill hours or stay within a comfort zone. Furthermore, Compeffi is committed to decisions based on measured comparison as well as quantified results. Outside consultants offer objectivity to measure baselines and project results. Compeffi is taking the bold and unconventional approach of offering true IT consulting to small business. To emphasize this concept we throw out the old terminology and refer to the topic in a more precise manner, computing efficiency. This is what our clients are truly after, business efficiencies realized through computing technology.

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